Kinako Internet eXchange

Welcome to Kinako Network (AS198376)! This is an open and inclusive Internet eXchange Point.

What is an Internet eXchange Point?

An Internet eXchange Point (IXP) is a physical location where ISP and CDN connect to exchange traffic between their networks.
This allows ISP and CDN to exchange traffic directly, rather than through third party networks.

The result is lower transit costs and a better quality of service for the end-user.

How to join Kinako-IX?

Kinako-IX is an open and inclusive IXP. We welcome any network to join us.

We do not allow remote access, which is a prerequisite for building a low-latency Internet.

However, we do allow 1/10/100 GbE Cross Connect (XC) access from:

  • TGT Hong Kong Data Centre 2
  • Equinix HK1/2/3/5

For details, please contact [email protected].

Kinako-IX is an open Internet eXchange Point in Hong Kong.